Applied Biblical Studies III

This course (BIBL 623) is designed to make an important shift from theory to practice, to allow the student to apply what may otherwise seem like distant concepts at times. This course is designed to cover the overall themes and subjects of the Biblical books. This course will approach applied biblical studies by focusing on the following questions, among others:  How can I understand the Bible? What is the meaning of all what we do in church? Does anyone know where our Orthodox traditions of feasts and fasts come from? What is required from me to be pleasing to God? Where in the Bible can I find guidance to live live in today’s world? Applied Biblical Studies III will complete the books of the New Testament left unexplored in Applied Biblical Studies II.

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Applied Biblical Studies
Father Angelos Bishara was born in Egypt in 1964 and moved to Boston in 1992 with a degree from the Cairo university school of medicine. After his move to Boston, he worked as an internist for nine years before he was ordained a priest on January 20th, 2001. For the next 11 years, Father Angelos served in St Mark's Coptic Orthodox Church prior to moving down south to Chapel Hill, NC. He now serves at the Coptic Orthodox Church of Archangel Raphael and St. John the Beloved. He has authored and published an extensive curriculum for Sunday School, college education, and catechesis.