Bible & Science

Science is often used by non-Christians as evidence against Christianity, though the two are not at odds. This course will explore the compatibility between Scripture and science. To have real conflict and contradiction depends on how an individual defines the Bible and the sciences. If the Bible is described as a “book of fiction” and science is described as “facts that have been proven,” then it is apparent that we are going to face conflict, and both will be incompatible. If one knows that the Bible is God’s word and comprehends science as a materialistic endeavor that necessarily excludes God’s existence, then yes, a conflict will arise. Some researchers fall into the trap of defining theories as facts. In this course you will learn what science is and how it relates to and engages fruitfully with Christianity. You will learn how precise the bible is when it mentions facts discovered contemporarily that were written thousands of years before its institutions.


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Dean of Administration of Holy Sophia University
Fr. Abraham Azmy, the founder of Holy Sophia University and the Dean of its administration, is currently obtaining his Ph.D. in Christian Education from CCU University in Florida with a focus on Coptic Orthodox Christian education and its impact on youth participation in the United States. His continued research interests also include the intersection of the hard sciences and biblical studies. He serves at Virgin Mary & Archangel Michael Coptic Orthodox Church in Hamden, CT.