Coptic Art Drawing – كورس تعلم الفن القبطي للايقونات

  • Learn how to draw (paint/write) Coptic icons like a professional by the hands of the expert Coptic Iconographer, Mr. George Philipos.
  • The course duration is 8 weeks.
  • It is a practical course, you learn step by step.
  • You submit your weekly drawing to the professor.
  • You enjoy the amazing artistic atmosphere and the modern ways of learning Coptic art.
  • تعلم كيف ترسم الايقونة القبطية مثل المحترفين على يد احد اساتذة الفن القبطي وهو الاستاذ جورج فيليبس
  • الكورس يستغرق 8 اسابيع ، ويبدأ مع بداية كل شهر
  • انه كورس عملي للرسم ، تتعلم خطوة بخطوة
  • ثم تقدم ما رسمته اسبوعيا للاستاذ للتصحيح
  • واثنائها تتمتع بالجو الفني الهادئ وتتعلم الفن القبطي باستخدام احدث الوسائل
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Expert Iconographer
George Philipos was born in Egypt and is a graduate of Fine Arts from the University of Alexandria Cairo Egypt as an interior designer. He studied Coptic art extensively in addition to gaining over 30 years of experience producing icons of the highest quality and craftsmanship to churches and monasteries in Egypt, the United States, Canada and England. Honors and Awards include professional recognition from the Cairo Coptic Museum and the University of Michigan United States.