Church History III: The Arab Conquest to Modernity (1)

Church History III: The Arab Conquest to Modernity (1) (CHHT 604) will examine Egypt’s medieval period and the different houses of Islamic rule. Students will delve into the History of the Patriarchs as the primary source for the period, supplemented by secondary sources from both within and without the tradition. The course will attempt to illustrate Coptic church life against the backdrop of developing Islamic attitudes towards non-Muslims, beginning from the 641 CE conquest to early Ottoman rule, as well as Western Christian attitudes towards Eastern Christianity before, after, and during the Crusades.

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Ph.D. Christian History
Mary Ghattas is a PhD Candidate at Claremont Graduate University. She is working on her dissertation project in Religion, focusing on the History of Christianity in the Middle East. Her current research explores the issues around writing a modern history of Christianity in Egypt on specifically the Oriental Orthodox confession which include: the Coptic, Syriac (Indian), Armenian, Ethiopian, and Eritrean churches. While focusing on their ecclesiastical and diplomatic relations, she hopes to also shed light on their communal life in Egypt. She currently teaches Coptic Studies and Church History courses at Agora University.