Patristics I

This course (PATR 601) explores the beginnings of Patristic literature. It gives a quick glimpse of the first-generation writers after the apostles, the beginnings of the apologetic writings, the beginnings of the writings of the early theologians, the earliest documents of the acts of the martyrs, the first theological schools like the School of Alexandria, the early canonical and liturgical texts, and the catechesis in the Early Church.

This course also introduces the student to the historical context of the various Church Fathers studied in the course. It aims to give as much biographic information as available on those selected fathers, their writings, how their thoughts were shaped, and what contributed to their formation. It then explores, building on this background, the literature of the various Church Fathers, its content, the specific characteristics of each, and the contribution of this literature to more broad Christian thought that was preserved by the Church Tradition.

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M.A. Theological Studies
Fr. Morcos Daoud Rizk is the priest of St. Mary's Coptic Orthodox Church of Chicago since 2013. Prior to moving to serve in U.S., he was the priest of St. George Coptic Orthodox Church, Sporting, Alexandria, Egypt since 1998. He earned an M.A. in Theological Studies from Trinity International University - TEDS. He published more than one book in Arabic, including "The Ministry of Salvation," which follows the biblical narrative of creation, fall, redemption, the Church, the Holy Trinity, and the resurrection of the body. He also published "A Journey with the Parables of Christ," which explores 38 parables of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and how they can depict a whole image of our relation to God. His area of interest in theological education is Patristics.