New Testament III

This course (BIBL 613) discusses the origins and structures of the New Testament writings with introductory readings alongside interpretations of the main Pauline Writings, the Catholic Epistles, and the Book of Revelation. This course is second of two courses. It is a continuation of New Testament II in which the students have already studied the three Synoptic Gospels, the Johannine corpus, and the Book of Acts. It will cover the rest of the Books of the New Testament and will follow the same approach.

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M.Div. Holy Cross School of Theology
Magdi Salmon (John Salmon) serves as a full Deacon at St. Mary and St. Mena Coptic Orthodox Church of Rhode Island. Dr. Salmon received both his M.Div. and Th.M. degrees at Holy Cross School of Theology in Brookline, MA with a focus in New Testament studies, more specifically, Pauline Theology. He has a special love for hermeneutics and homiletics. He is a graduate of the Cairo University School of Medicine and has been practicing Medicine since he graduated in 1987. He is dual certified in Internal Medicine and Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism by the American Board of Internal Medicine. He loves teaching and mentoring and would love to guide, motivate, and encourage his students to search the Scripture in depth, learn how to interpret the New Testament, and find pearls in the Holy Bible. His mission is to empower students to kindle their love for the Holy Bible and to advance them not only in their academic career but also in their spiritual growth and God's love and service.