The MicroMasters Program

The MicroMasters program

The MicroMasters Program is designed for undergraduate students. In this program the undergraduate student may take any graduate courses to build towards a master’s degree. These courses are used to pursuing an accelerated and less expensive master’s degree.

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After taking these courses and upon earning your bachelor’s degree, these credits may be used towards your master’s degree. The credits of the MicroMasters are worth up to 50% of a master’s degree. If you plan to study a master’s degree of 36 credits (12 courses), only 18 credits (6 courses) could be credited. For a master’s degree of 60 credits (20 courses), only 30 credits (10 courses) could be credited. It is also a cost-effective program. Compared to the master’s course that generally costs $200.00, the course in the micromasters program costs only $150.00.